4 Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Service Provider

Onboarding a service provider isn’t an easy feat. Placing your trust in an outsourcer for handling your student support itself is a task. There’s always a hesitation whether the help desk vendor would be able to provide your end-users the support they expect from your institution. Even when you finally cross that bridge, there are always so many options to choose from- automated help desks, overseas help desks, onshore help desks, help desks based out of universities, Software as a Service (SaaS) helpdesks etc. This makes the whole selection process an overwhelming experience.

If you are planning on outsourcing your help desk support, below are the four questions you should be asking your service provider:

What Is the Employee Retention Rate?

You should ask your Help Desk Vendor what are the criteria they have for hiring their staff, how much do they pay them, what’s the training procedure, how many of the agents are certified professionals, how adept are they at handling customer service issues, whether they have any subject matter expertise. Above all, ask them what’s their employee retention rate. Try to get to know if they treat their staff as valuable resources because how these help desk agents are treated by their employer has a direct impact on their service levels for your end-users.

What Is Their First Call Resolution Rate?

All help desk support requests can’t be resolved in the first instance itself. There are issues which are quite complex and need continuous attention before they are resolved. But when the first service level team can resolve issues quickly in the first instance itself, it is an indication that they are adept at what they do. It also shows that they are knowledgeable and the organization is focused on end-user satisfaction. A lesser number of escalated tickets means that the first responders are experts at handling the technical issues that arise at an institution. The more qualified the first responders, more cost-effective the solution will be for you.

Do First Level Responders Have Remote Desktop Access?

Out of all the myriad service tools available, a remote desktop solution is one of the most important. A remote desktop solution lets an agent access an end-user’s desktop and have a first-hand knowledge of the issue being faced by the caller. When the agent is able to view the caller’s desktop, the agent doesn’t have to rely on back-and-forth exchange of information. It also allows for a much faster resolution of the end-users’ issues. Service desks which offer remote access only to higher level responders limit the effectiveness of the front-line team.

What Are Their Working Hours?

Technical emergencies can arise at any time of the day and your end-users need to have access to Help Desk assistance at all hours. You should look for a vendor which can provide you support round-the-clock since your end-users might need it at any time of the day. You should make sure that the service provider has all the tools, resources required to best fit your institution.

While every organization has its own unique challenges and requirements, these four questions can still give you an idea about the prospective service provider’s capabilities, response times, expertise and focus on end-user satisfaction. With this information, you can choose a provider who will be the right fit for your institution.



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